Sean O'Connor's Windows Games UFOs

Sean O'Connor's Windows Games UFOs 1.2

In Windows Games UFOs you have to grab the crystals and dodge the enemies
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Sean O'Connor's Windows Games UFOs 1.2 is a game for Windows. Up to four people on a network or over the internet can play Sean O’Connor’s Windows Games UFOs. The user has to guide their UFO to try to snatch as many crystals as they can before the opponents get them. There are also "Meanies" out there who will try their best to ram or shoot the user.

The game is interactive and features a fun to play environment. The user has to grab the crystals and dodge the enemies. The score increases as the gamer collects more and more crystals. The game requires clever game play and quick fingers on the keyboard for dodging the enemies. The more crystals are collected, the more will be the score. The game play is not too easy due to the challenging environment. The difficulty level increases, as the user advances further in the game levels. The best part of the game is the multiplayer feature. Up to four gamers can compete in the game. The gamer can also find it more challenging when they compete with other users over the internet.

The game has fun graphics and sound with increased challenge due to its multiplayer feature.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Multiplayer feature and effective gameplay


  • Graphics are not very appealing
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